The Hello Bar is a simple web toolbar that engages users and communicates a call to action.

The Rounding Pad

Rounding Pad

Designed to help improve rounding efficiency and initiate immediate service recovery.

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Your data. Anytime. Anyplace.


The Jackson Group's web-based online survey data access system.

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Your CAHPS Solution.


The Jackson Group is proud to be a certified provider of the Hospital CAHPS, Home Health CAHPS, Clinician & Group CAHPS, and Accountable Care Organization CAHPS survey service.

Our Mission Says It All.

“Helping organizations manage well, serve well, and communicate well.”

Through a wide and ever-growing array of solutions for organizations like yours, we help you understand and respond to your work environment.  The Jackson Group has been serving clients in the areas of employee satisfaction, customer satisfaction, market perception, and leadership development since 1976.

The Jackson Group provides a wide array of survey and consulting services for a variety of organizations. Whether you need to better understand your employee or customer population, measure the level of loyalty and engagement others have with your organization, or looking to gauge your facility’s reputation in the surrounding community, The Jackson Group has the capability and experience to help you with those needs.

Business Services

Survey & consulting services for a variety of organizations and industries


  • Employee Surveys: Services to understand employee satisfaction, engagement, commitment and retention
  • Customer Surveys: Processes for gathering information on customer satisfaction and loyalty
  • Exit Interviews: Tools for improving retention and understanding employees’ reasons for leaving
  • Market & Community Perception Surveys: Services to better understand market and community awareness, needs, knowledge and impressions


Healthcare Services

Survey & consulting services specifically for the healthcare industry



Jackson Group Interactive is our full-service video & multimedia production firm. Visit JGI's web site to learn about custom video production, display systems, and podcast services.


DriveLeadership is our original leadership development process, where organizations or individuals can engage in an on-going development program including assessments, training, coaching, and online support.