The Rounding Pad™

For patient treatment areas within a hospital, the Rounding Pad™ is the survey methodology that provides the fastest access to patient opinions.  Rather than waiting up to six weeks before receiving the feelings of a patient via a telephone or written survey, negative survey results collected on a wirelessly connected iPad can immediately be e-mailed to a service recovery employee, allowing for follow-up with the unsatisfied patient before he or she leaves the hospital.  Immediate action can be taken to ensure that the remainder of the patient’s stay is improved and that other patients do not have similar negative experiences.

Healthcare organizations that focus on providing the highest quality care and the best patient experience utilize the concept of “rounding”, where key staff members visit with patients during their stay in order to gauge the level of treatment received.  The information gathered during the patient rounding process is oftentimes shared at staff meetings or followed up on once the patient has left the hospital.

With the development of the “Rounding Pad™”, The Jackson Group improves that process.  This new service utilizes an Apple iPad tablet to give those conducting rounding a tool for quick data entry during these visits.  Key topic area questions are presented on the screen to prompt the person, allowing them the opportunity to quickly log the patient’s responses into the device.

The Rounding Pad has the ability to trigger automatic email alerts to key people in the organization if a particular topic area receives a low score.

For example, if a patient indicates that their food was unacceptable, the Rounding Pad can be configured to automatically send the Food & Nutrition Director an email with the patient’s room number and their survey responses.  This happens immediately, allowing that Director to follow up with the patient before they leave the hospital.  With the heavy emphasis on H-CAHPS scores and its impact on Value Based Purchasing thresholds, this level of service recovery becomes incredibly valuable.

A dashboard report displaying rounding results across hospital units is available at any time on the Rounding Pad, allowing for quick analysis of both high and low performing units and topics, thereby increasing the speed in which data-driven improvements can be implemented.  This report can also be e-mailed to key stakeholders directly from the Rounding Pad or bookmarked for later analysis.

The Jackson Group is focused on helping organizations improve communications with their patients as well as helping provide better ways to perform quick service recovery when something goes wrong.  The Rounding Pad can be an additional source of patient communication and immediate service recovery.

Some testimonials from those who have used The Rounding Pad:

“I LOVE the rounding pad. Its ability to instantly send notification emails and generate reports has allowed me to see twice as many patients as before. It does all my service recovery “running around” for me.” — Leah Hubbard, Service Excellence Specialist, Iredell Memorial Hospital

“The Rounding Tool is a wonderful assist!  By using the iPad, interactions with both patients and families promote much better communication and lead to immediate service recovery and problem-solving.  I have been rounding daily now for more than two years and found the Jackson Group’s process to be very efficient and effective.” — Bill Loehr, RN, FACHE, Catawba Valley Medical Center

The Rounding Pad™ is available now; if you are interested in receiving more information about this service, please visit this link and fill out a contact form.

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