Employee Satisfaction Surveys

Understanding employee satisfaction and commitment is critical to your work environment.  Being able to understand employees’ changing opinions provides the vital information needed to propel your organization forward.

The Jackson Group offers flexible options for conducting employee surveys.  Surveys can either be administered as a snapshot “Point-In-Time” survey – collecting data from all employees during a specified period of time – or through Continuous Employee Perceptions where the survey process is spread out over an extended period of time (normally one to two years).

The Jackson Group provides a wide array of survey methodologies for conducting employee surveys, including web-based surveys, written surveys, self-entry devices, and even telephone/IVR technologies.  (For more information on our survey methodologies, please click this link to visit our “Survey Methodologies” page.)

Common to both survey approaches are the skilled Project Managers assigned to the projects, the user-friendly reports and the online access to data through our Mercury system.  With either approach, The Jackson Group provides your organization with a variety of flexible instruments for gathering readable and helpful data.

Solid expertise, flexible options and results you can count on… they are all components of who we are and what we do.  At The Jackson Group, our approach utilizes these resources to make the employee survey process a true partnership.

“Point-In-Time” Surveys

“Point-In-Time” surveys can be conducted through traditional survey models as well as more innovative, technology-based methods.  The use of technology and the internet offer quicker data collection and shorter report turn-around time.  They have also allowed The Jackson Group to develop vehicles that take the survey to every employee at his or her worksite, making the process friendlier, less disruptive to daily routines and more comprehensive than other methods.

Our surveys are designed to collect data that will provide your organization with the necessary insight for creating positive change within your work environment.  “Point-In-Time” surveys allow you to get quantifiable data on issues such as employee commitment, pride and morale.  These are key areas affecting retention within our organization and all are included among the survey variables offered by The Jackson Group.

Once the results are tabulated, we can present the scores on-site to your executives and managers.  A feedback video accompanies your results to help managers explain the outcomes to employees.  Post survey, if you desire, we assist your organization in using the data.  By consulting with your department managers and executives, we develop action plans that properly interpret and implement the survey results.

Continuous Employee Perceptions Surveys

Understanding employee satisfaction and commitment…it’s a serious and ongoing need in any industry that’s experiencing a shortage of quality people.

At The Jackson Group, we offer the Continuous Employee Perceptions (CEP) system as a way to monitor the ever-changing trends in employee satisfaction.  Through the use of innovative self-entry technology, we enable you to collect data on a continual basis.  We offer three methods: Department by Department Surveying, Random Sampling and “Event” Surveying.

Department by Department Surveying allows each department the opportunity to participate over the course of 12-18 months.  Each department surveyed receives a complete report on its data.  Quarterly, all of the previous data is tracked, trended and presented to the organization.  This unique system allows each department — as well as your overall organization — to receive comprehensive data.

Random Sampling involves inviting selected employees to participate in the survey on either a monthly, bi-monthly or a quarterly basis, depending on your organization’s needs.  Department-specific data is not available through this method: however, an assessment of the overall organization is provided at the end of each survey period.

“Event” Surveying works in much the same way as random sampling, but is tied to an event within the organization (a health screening, a re-orientation, an employee “birth month” celebration, etc.).  At the time each selected employee is required to participate in the event, he/she is also asked to express his/her opinion through the survey.

Organizations that use our CEP system will receive near “real time” data with reports being sent to them on a regular basis and use of the Mercury online data access system available throughout the process.  The Jackson Group reports are easy-to-read, user-friendly and available in both hard copy and PDF electronic format.  It is always our goal to meet your specific needs!

For more information, please visit our Contact Us page and request for someone from The Jackson Group to reach you.

The Jackson Group provides your organization with a variety of flexible instruments for gathering readable and helpful data.